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Finding Your Fanatic Food Fans

Our process for escaping "just another food joint" syndrome and becoming "You can't miss this place!"
How it works

Step 1 THE FAN Focus

The Restaurant business can be hard. You spend your life making an incredible creation, putting it out there for the world. The crushing reality is that sometimes incredible chefs with amazing cuisine get passed over by the world, mostly because the world has no idea they exist.

We are Food Fan Labs and we have one reason for existing: we find your fanatical food fans, making your restaurant a hot spot, not “just another joint”.

Totally rocked out full-bellied Fanatical Fans advertise for free.

All you have to do is be awesome enough for them to be excited. We have developed a rockin’ process for finding our ideal clients’ fanatical fans. The Secret is in the Awesome Sauce.
This is Interesting but... Squirrel 

Not "Just Another Joint"

We’ve all been to them before, restaurants that have really “blah” food, a cold dinning room, and lacklustre service.

This is NOT what you started out to build. You started out to build an amazing unique hot spot that would stand out and make people fall in love with your creations.

We don’t do commercial renovations (we are bad with hammers), but we can help you find your soul, craft your ideal fan experience, and deliver a kick ass service that creates instant fanatics from your fans.
Ok, Just Get me started!


Why are fanatical food fans important? There is a little equation we like to do for every client, its called the life time customer value equation.

Average guest order value x frequency of guest visits/month x 36 months = Lifetime guest value

So it might look like this:

$76.00 x 2 visits/month x 36 = $5,472.00

The only question is, how many people need to give you $5,472, every 3 years to make your dreams come true?
Find My Fan Focus
Step 2

The Fan FORTE (1-2 hours)

This is what we designed to replace the useless “free consultation”. We sit down with you for 1-2 hours and work through the Fan forte worksheets, a process we have developed to help you:
1. Assess what is working/not working for your brand.
2. Find what is fantastic and unique about your restaurant and develop a way to talk about your brand that will stand out from the crowd. (Not just another joint)
3. At the end of the Fan Forte we will deliver your Road Map to being awesome and find fans that fanatically love you.

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Step 3

The Fan FEAST (3-4 days)

The Fan Feast is all about execution. No, not the electric chair. By the end of your Fan Forte, you have a road map in your hand. 

By the end of the Fan Feast, you'll have fanatical fans on your hands!

If your super power is DIY, then you will have everything you need to transform you restaurant and give you fans the feast of their lives.

If you aren’t into graphic design and HTML, we can handle the details, make you look awesome, and Find Your Fanatics.
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What our
customers say

We love our customers, and they love us
  • It was such a pleasure to work with...

    "Its been great working with Food Fan Labs! John and the Team refreshed our entire website, designed beautiful menus and reached out to thousands of people in our community with our message. Our business has really picked up!

    Bernard Yaworski - Chef

Not Sure If The Fan Forte is your cup of noodles?

Schedule a 30 minute call with Our Fearless Leader, John
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Tools in Our Magic Box

We deliver kicka** online tools for restaurants that certifiably bring in orders.

Stuff We Don't Do...

Work in all industries

Most marketing agencies don’t specialize. They will do almost any industry. This means that you rarely get to talk to anyone with any expertise in your field, much less anyone who has earned their stripes along side their clients in the kitchen and learning what makes restaurants tick. Calling ourselves food fan labs is our way of saying we are here for you, not for jimmy’s car wash.

"Free" (sales) consultations

Everyone does free consultations because they don’t bring enough value to the table for it to be worth your time from the beginning. We turn that on its head. 

Instead of wasting your time for 2 hours with a free consult that really only benefits us, we do a 15 - 30 minute phone call that is designed to do 1 thing: help us both say “yes” when it makes sense.

3 - 6 month projects from hell.

Time is money. Literally. Would you rather pay $30,000 for an agency to take 3 - 6 months to figure out what you want and grudgingly get it done? 

Or, would you rather get more done by next week than they can do in 3 months, for 1/8th of the cost? 

Lets be clear: same service, except more awesome because its fast, and because its fast, its inexpensive. Sounds awesome right? We think so too. 

We hate the back and forth nonsense. It wastes everyone’s time and forces us to charge way too much to our clients. So we don’t do that anymore. We schedule a 4 day window where our entire team belongs to you, and we get it done. Period. End. Of. Story.
How it works

Ready find your Forte?

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